Stilling the Noise

Too Much Going On?

Have you ever had the feeling that there’s just too much going on? You don’t know what is important and what is not, and you feel that you are suffering from an overwhelming amount of brain fug?

Need Respite?

You feel that if only you could get some respite to get on top of things, everything would be OK?

With the ever increasing demands on your time, caused, in large measure, by the overwhelming channelisation and speeding up of everything in society, you desperately want and need to do something.

Helpful Tools

There are some great tools available to help you see clarity through the brain fug. On excellent and popular tool is Mindfulness.

Finding Mindfulness Difficult?

For many, though this is just another burdensome side show: it’s not necessarily easy to get to grips with Mindfulness when you are in the thick of it!

What can you do? What do you want to do? And what do you need to do?

Using well understood, traditional ways of enabling your body to recognise inherent awareness, Guided Mindfulness takes you through an experiential journey where, step by step, you can learn new tools and techniques to give you clarity. To bring calm to your troubles waters.

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