Accessing Mindfulness Through Movement

Accessing Mindfulness Through Movement

by Julian Jaffe and Michelle Galbraith

Mindfulness – is a trending word, activity and popular attribute; but how do you access its biologically vital benefits when many techniques suggest accessing calm by concentrating on the breath?

This is a particular issue if you are already anxious and can’t breathe effectively (because of the stress response). The reality is that you may want, and need, to find an effective, fast solution to bring yourself back into a stable, safe place.  This is what we call being connected and in control.


We have a simple, effective approach that lets you learn how to move and connect with your body first, letting your body move your breath. We then show you how to link your mind with movement, which has the effect of switching off your ‘fight and flight’ stress systems.

Why bother with Mindfulness?

It’s all about calming the mind: when you have a calm mind, your body and mind change to a more vital state in the following ways:

  • The vagus nerve communicates with the brain and tells it that all is well and in a balanced state in your stomach area and related organs. Biological systems are able to function in a non-stressful state and you will have the ability to breathe deeply and normally.
  • Brings about self-awareness
  • Allows you to be in the here-and-now
  • Changes your brain wave state from high energy alpha waves into beta waves
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Lets you feel connected and in control

Our two-part video takes you through the process of accessing a calm mind through your body movement.

The tailored, four exercises for you to do are:

  • Calm yourself by focusing on your eyes
  • Access your breathing through moving your body
  • Link your mind with movement
  • Once you have practised the three exercises above, intuitively your body and breathe will connect with your mind, to give you the ability to attain integrated mind-breath-body mindfulness.

These exercises can be done anywhere and will bring you quickly into the here-and-now. Which, in turn, lets you get back in control of how you want to feel, and how you want to proceed in any given situation.

Julian and I have collaborated to share our skills and expertise for you to quickly gain a deeper understanding of how to access mindfulness through movement – even if you have previously felt hopelessly unable to ‘feel’ your emotions and internal environment.

For more details please do contact us – Julian Jaffe:, and Michelle Galbraith:  07887 756088,

Valuable Ideas, Shared through Words, Pictures and Movement’

 Mindfulness Video Part 1

Mindfulness Video Part 2


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