Welcome your Guided Mindfulness site. We have some truly transformational tools and techniques, accessible to anyone that takes the time to invest in and understand themselves.

The concept of awareness is strange to many yet it is the very essence of self improvement. For people new to this sort of personal understanding, there is an initial hurdle to overcome. However, once overcome there is a whole new experiential world awaiting you.

Guided Mindfulness combines the power of externally induced sensitivity from Reiki practise, with self induced internal energy movement and awareness from a new paradigm for moving energy practise – Threnergy.

Guided Mindfulness

Bringing you the best of Reiki and Mindfulness

About Us

Michelle Galbraith and Julian Jaffe have combined a mutual interest in energy awareness from two perspectives to bring you Guided Mindfulness. Michelle from her Practice in Reiki and Reflexology and Julian from his development of Threnergy Mind-models from the Moving and Martial Arts.

This merging and the synergy from the two practices is unique.


Accessing Mindfulness Through Movement

Accessing Mindfulness Through Movement by Julian Jaffe and Michelle Galbraith Mindfulness – is a trending word, activity and popular attribute; but how do you access its biologically vital benefits when many techniques suggest accessing calm by concentrating on the breath? This is a particular issue if you are already anxious and can’t breathe effectively (because of …

Stilling the Noise

Too Much Going On? Have you ever had the feeling that there’s just too much going on? You don’t know what is important and what is not, and you feel that you are suffering from an overwhelming amount of brain fug? Need Respite? You feel that if only you could get some respite to get …


We are based in Farnham, Surrey and can be contacted as below: